Technical – Printing

Our Company’s state of the art manufacturing facility comprises of the most modern printing intelligence in the industry. System Label’s printing processes include screen printing, flexography printing and digital printing. Depending on the material, volume and end use of the product, the experienced team will select the appropriate process to create the highest quality product.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is used across a wide variety of materials including flexible or rigid materials. Screen printing is a technique whereby a silk screen is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. The silk screen will contain the image being printed and a squeegee will move across the silk screen pushing the ink through the image on the screen onto the substrate underneath. The substrate is then passed through a dryer and is transferred out the other side. This process is repeated depending on the number of colours required on the end product.

Covering formats up to 900 x 1200mm (A0), and using thin, thick and flexible materials including glass, polycarbonate, vinyl, PVC, acrylic and aluminium, this process is very industry focused. It allows for high ink coverage and high resistant varnishes and various textured and special effects can be achieved.


Flexo Printing

Flexo Printing is primarily suitable for large volume print runs with an average print speed of 40 metres per minute. Combining this process with screen printing allows for a vast array of finishes and material options. Flexo printing is used with flexible materials on small, medium or high volume orders with a print width up to 240mm.


Digital Printing

System Label has invested heavily in digital printing technology over the last number of years. The investment in digital printing has increased our capabilities and reduced lead times and tooling costs. Recent investment in UV Digital printing also allows for a wider range of materials which can be printed compared to historic technologies.

Digital label printing is fast, cost effective and allows for extravagant full colour and 3D graphics to be printed. System Label has recognised industry changes and invested in technology to move with these changes.