Technical – Colour

Colour is of imperative importance in the printing industry. Each company aims to keep consistency with colour across their product range and this is especially true in the labelling industry. System Label invest heavily in the latest colour technology to ensure we have the most up to date equipment in the market in order to provide exact colour matching.


System Label has an in house colour mixing facility and can mix any colour required by the customer including to colour reference systems such as Pantone, RAL and Munsell. Colours will change depending on the different materials the ink is being printed on and through knowledge and expertise in colour matching, System Label has the skill to be able to tailor the colour mixing process to ensure the colour will be a consistent match across all materials.


Before printing the product, System Label will send a colour swatch to the customer to ensure the colour meets the customer’s specifications. The mixing and control of the ink process is a key element in the production and quality control of the finished products supplied. System Label manage this from start to finish in-house ensuring that we can guarantee to surpass the requirements of the quality standard on each and every product run.