Leading the way in Safety Innovation

01 Sep Leading the way in Safety Innovation

System Label partner with Mercedes-Benz to supply their “Rescue Assist” QR Codes

Mercedes-Benz is leading the way in innovation for automotive safety with their new Rescue Assist QR Codes. Mercedes-Benz is fitting QR codes on all models in order to provide emergency services with critical information at the scene of an accident. The QR codes are placed on the inside of the fuel filler cap and on the opposing front door pillar.

“This is an awesome tool to help fire-fighters” Joseph Mayer – Fire fighter, Brooklyn New York

How the Rescue Assist QR Codes work:

Upon scanning the Rescue Assist QR code with a smartphone or other mobile device you are instantly provided with a full diagram of where everything is located in the car. This diagram assists emergency service personnel as it displays where critical systems are located such as airbags, batteries, fuel tanks, cylinders and electrical devices. These QR codes help save the lives of occupants and also first responders as it saves time and pinpoints the location of dangerous components that may cause harm during a rescue.

“More time to be focused on the patient” “Mercedes-Benz puts safety first” Will Crump – Fire Captan, Bay Area California