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What is RFID?

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the generic name for a type of auto-identification technology that uses radio waves to identify unique items. Typical RFID systems are made up of two major components: the reader and the tag.
The reader, which is also known as the interrogator, may be either a fixed or mobile reader or indeed, in many applications, can be a combination of both. Its role is to read and write information from/to the tag through radio waves via the readers antennas.
The tag, or transponder, is made up of a microchip that stores the information, an antenna and a carrier to which the chip and antenna are mounted. RFID tags come in many different forms and sizes and can be either Active or Passive.
RFID technology is used in many applications from security and access control through to transportation and logistics. Essentially, RFID can be used in any application where there is a need to collect multiple pieces of data on items for tracking and counting purposes and where other auto-ID technologies such as barcodes, etc. are not suitable.
In any RFID application one of the most important considerations will be what data is stored and retrieved, as well as how this data will then be used by your organisation in order to gain competitive advantage. To a large extent this will be determined by whether your application is a closed loop system, in which the RFID readers and tags are all part of a single RFID system, or whether it is part of an open-loop system, which requires it to share information with other applications. The use of various data collection software applications and middleware applications will be key here.
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