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Decals & Overlays
The quality of an overlay or decal can mean the difference between a product excuding high quality or looking cheap and cheerful. At System Label, we accept nothing less than perfection and with our wide range of materials, print and finishing processes, we can create that perfect finishing touch to your product.
Accuracy is key. The smallest amount ofmis-registration can mean the difference between a visible rear LED and a hidden one. At System Label, we can offer production tolerances down to +/-0.1mm.
By incorporating sub-surface printing techniques, we can make sure the overlay or decal stands the test of time to ensure your product looks a good in years to come as it did when it first came out of the box.

Something Special 
Through the use of screen printing, we can offer creative print finishes such as mirror, glitter, translucents, high visibility and photo-luminescent.
Whether you require a flexible polycarbonate or polyester, a rigid acrylic, with a velvet, gloss, satin or even retro-reflective finish. We can supply it all.
We can also supply parts with Anti-Microbial properties to distrupt and inhibit bacterial growth. An important consideration for overlays or decals being used in the food and medical industries.
Mainly used with keypad overlays, we can emboss the overlay material to give raised keys. Perfect for that tactile feel or presence of a button underneath.

Decals & Overlays in Detail
At System Label overlays and decals are a natural progression to our self-adhesive labels but in most cases are more visible to the end user and in some cases involve customer interaction. We understand that quality is key and a poor overlay or decal can reduce the perceived quality of your product.
Our strict inspection policy means you will only recieve a perfect end product and with year of experience under our belt, we are happy and well capable of recommending materials, adhesives and processes to help you design the end product.
We can offer accelerated weather testing to demonstrate and confirm the life expectancy of an overlay or decal, leaving you safe in the knowledge that when a product is in the field, it will stay perfect.
All our products are produced in accordance with ISO 9001. Certificates available on request.
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