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Founded over 20 years ago in 1992, System Label is a leading European label manufacturer with offices and production facilities in Ireland and UK as well as strategic partners in Germany & Taiwan.
We specialise in the manufacture and supply of Self-Adhesive Labels, Decals, Ovelays, Membrane Switches, Point of Sale, NFC & RFID Smart Labels and Photo-Luminescent Safety Guidance Products (EverGlow®)
Self Adhesive Labels
Self adhesive labels have always been the core of our business. With the wide range of materials and production methods available to us, System Label can produce labels in practically any format, to adhere to any surface and survive a range of environments.
Membrane Switches
Membranes are an effective way to create a man/machine interface with your end products whilst retaining all the benefits of a fully printed overlay. Comprising of a printed circuit layer and front overlay, the finished membrane is both functional and informative.
Decals & Overlays
The quality of an overlay or decal can mean the difference between a product exuding high quality or looking cheap and cheerful. At System Label, we accept nothing less than perfection and with our range of materials, print and finishing processes, we can create the perfect finishing touch to your product.
NFC & RFID Smart Labels
RFID (Radio Frequency Indentification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) are technologies that allow the transfer of data without a direct line of sight. At System Label we combine these technologies with printed labels to create Smart Labels.
Point of Sale
For a product to sell, the consumer needs to know about it. At System Label we can help you make a point-of-sale item that little bit more special. Something that will get noticed, and help your product sell.
Photo Luminescent Safety Guidance
In an emergency, every second counts. EverGlow® is a photo-luminescent safety guidance system which enhances and highlights the escape route, aiding orientation and speed of evacuation.

Our Accreditations & Brands
System Label, a specialist screen-printing company a low-cost manufacturing site, the company manufactures technical nameplates, labels and overlays for industrial markets in Ireland, UK and Europe with most products being screen or digital printed on either sheet or roll fed face stock. The traditional markets for these products have been the Automotive and Electronic manufacturing sectors across Europe with the addition of the Medical devices manufacturing sector in recent years.