What is UL Approval?

26 Sep What is UL Approval?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a global independent safety science company, who innovate safety solutions. From public adoption of electricity to new breakthroughs in sustainability, renewable energy and nanotechnology – UL is one of several companies approved by the US Federal Agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to perform safety testing.

At System Label, we have UL approval to PGAA (UL Authorised Label Supplier No. PGAA.LP3363) and PGDQ2 (No. PGDQ2.MH25574) standards, which means that our products meet the highest safety, and quality standards and we can print the UL logo and assist our clients with getting UL approval for many of the Labels, Decals, Overlays and Membranes we manufacture.

PGAA Accreditation

The PGAA category consists of the Authorised Supplier Program where suppliers of labels and other printed documents must adhere to specific printing guidelines before they can print the UL Certification Mark. Certification for the PGAA program includes an initial inspection followed by regular visits from a UL inspector. Suppliers with PGAA accreditation can reproduce all UL marks, this is done by gaining authorisation from UL by attaining a UL stamp on your product drawings, which are inspected by UL field inspectors. System Label are now the only UL PGAA certified label printer in Ireland.

PGDQ2 Accreditation

PGDQ2 is a Marking & Labelling Systems Program that covers labels and label materials. Labels and label materials accredited under PGDQ2 are tested under the UL969 standard, in accordance with a specific set of criteria, including substrate types, temperatures and exposure conditions. This is to ensure that the labels and label materials used will adhere to the final product, with the safety label information necessary to alert product users of potential hazards remain legible. Labels that have gone through and passed UL969 testing are called UL Recognised Component Labels.

You can verify that we are a UL approved supplier by checking the UL Database.

You can also click on these links to view our certifications:
PGAA Accreditaion:PGAA.LP3363 .
PGDQ2 Accreditation: PGDQ2.MH25574