2016 – The Year RFID Revolutionises the Supply Chain

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16 Mar 2016 – The Year RFID Revolutionises the Supply Chain

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is slowly but surely a technology being readily adopted across all industries. Once you unlock the potential of this technology the added benefits are endless, offering increased efficiency, cost savings and improved data collection. As our systems become ever more advanced the requirement for tracking of information and data capture becomes more real. This is where RFID technology is exploding and the best thing is it can be adopted across any platform, check out how AMCS have implemented it in the refuse industry to offer a 25% saving. Read More.

Most notably across all industries RFID is revolutionising the supply chain management system by storm. The implementation of an RFID system allows you to track your product from the production stage right through to the buying stage.

During the manufacturing process the use of RFID technology allows you to track real-time movements of the product in order to optimise your processes. Tracking movements of raw material highlights areas of improvement and reasons for down time. At this stage in the supply chain the use of RFID results in:

• Less Manual Labour
• Cost Reductions
• Increased Visibility
• Increased Planning

Once the product is manufactured and is being stored, location tracking of these products is greatly aided. Radio Frequency Identification relays real time results of how much stock you have and where it is located in the factory without requiring direct line of sight. This eliminates the need for labour intensive stock-taking and searching for product. It also ensures your stock count is 100% accurate at all times.

Another company’s supply chain that is benefitting from RFID is Sekisui Alveo, based in Switzerland. The company has implemented a barcode and RFID track and trace system in three plants in Europe which has completely revolutionised how the company manages its materials and logistics. Read More.

If you are considering implementing an RFID system into your supply chain, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today where we will be happy to discuss your options.