Membrane Switch Pinouts

Common Bus Layout - Membrane Switch

22 Mar Membrane Switch Pinouts

Pinouts are a cross reference between the contacts of an electrical connector and their functions. Membrane switches are designed using either a common bus or a matrix layout.

Common Bus:

For a common bus layout on a membrane switch one common lead is used for all switch locations. A lead is used to “ground” the circuit. Each switch will have its own individual trace. The benefits of this layout is that only one layer of print is required to complete the circuit. The drawback to this design is it means there is an increase in the number of tracks, pinouts and connector size.

Membrane Switch


A matrix layout is when the circuit is designed in a grid type format using and “X” (rows) and “Y”(columns) axis. The benefit of this layout is there are less tracks allowing for a larger number of connections which then reduces the number of pinouts and connector size. The drawback however is that there are multiple print layers required in order to produce the full circuit.

Matrix Layout - Membrane Switch

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