Labelling Failures – Industry Examples

17 Nov Labelling Failures – Industry Examples

The list is endless when we examine the factors that can cause labelling failures on machines and devices. Let’s have a look at some labelling failures that have arisen across the following industries:


In America in 2013 GM Motors were forced to recall almost 19,000 Chevrolet Camaro vehicles after the airbag warning label failed to adhere to the sun visor of the car. The national highway traffic safety administration stated that “if the airbag warning label detaches from the visor, the driver and front passenger may not be warned of the risks of airbag deployment, increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash”. As published on the Washington Post website.


Prisym ID recently conducted a survey in Europe and North America of medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Their findings were significant, 40% of those involved in the survey identified label defects as one of their key concerns to their labelling and packaging operations. Packaging Leaking/Labelling defects account for 53% of recalls by the FDA.

A medical device company has recently been forced to recall over 1,000 medical devices internationally. The labelling of the medical devices misidentified the ports on the product and as a result the FDA sanctioned a Class 1 recall as “there is a reasonable probability that use of these products will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.”


Panasonic use a durable label to mark their cameras serial code and therefore it is vital that the label/print combination survives the lifetime of the product. However, Panasonic recently received news that the print on the serial tags of their G7 cameras can be rubbed off. Failing to use the correct material/print combination will severely damage a brand’s perceived quality. In this case customers were so surprised by the poor quality that they began contacting Panasonic querying if they had been sold counterfeit products. As posted on The New Camera website.


A child’s playpen manufacturer in Australia has been forced to recall a range of their playpens due to label adhesion issues. The label placed on the playpen is a choking hazard for children as it can be removed by the child and if ingested can result in serious harm. During the transportation process the label is exposed to high humidity which caused it to bubble and peel. The material properties were inhibited during transportation causing it to become more susceptible to peeling. As posted on the Australian Government’s recall website.


To avoid the above issues happening in your company it is imperative that you work with a quality label supplier with a proven track record in your industry. A quality label supplier will have the accreditation and technical capabilities to advise you with material/adhesive combination suitable for your application.


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