Graphic Application Method

21 Sep Graphic Application Method

Label Storage:

To ensure optimum adhesion of the labels, the labels should be stored at 22 degrees Celcius and 50% relative humidity. Storing labels at higher or lower temperatures may result in a less than desired adhering performance.



Prepare the surface of the substrate correctly before applying the label. The surface should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit in order to gain  For instructions on this  click here.


Applying a Small Graphic (Less than 9 Square Feet):

  • Remove the entire liner.
  • Use your thumb to gently tack the top edge of the graphic in place.
  • Using an applicator put firm pressure and even strokes across the graphic, overlapping the stokes slightly. The squeegee should always be pulled, not pushed.
  • Always squeegee across the shortest distance. Hold the remaining film away from the surface.

Applying a Small Graphic

To see a demonstration, Click Here.


Applying a Large Graphic (Larger than 9 Square Feet):

  1. Hinge the graphic at the top in the required location using masking tape.
  1. Raise the graphic up over the top of the hinge and peel the liner back.
  1. Using care not to stretch the graphic, hold the graphic near bottom centre and begin  squeegeeing at the top centre. Squeegee the graphic beginning at the centre of the tape hinge and working outward from the hinge to the closest edge. Use firm pressure on the plastic applicator and overlapping strokes. Again, pull the applicator not push.
  1. Keep the graphic away from the surface and use two hands to peel back the liner a few more inches. Then, continue squeegeeing the graphic using the technique described above.
  1. Continue to gradually remove the liner and squeegee until the entire graphic is applied. Remove the tape hinge. Squeegee the top edge.

Applying a Large Graphic


Centre Hinge Method:

  1. A centre hinge can either be vertical or horizontal, whichever is the shortest distance. Position the graphic and hold it in place with 1 or 2 inch wide strips of masking tape.
  1. Apply two layers of masking tape 1 or 2 inch wide, through the centre of the graphic to make a hinge. The hinge should be perpendicular to the longest distance.
  1. Fold half of the graphic back over on the hinge. Peel off the liner all the way to the tape hinge. Then cut just the liner along the hinge. Discard the liner.
  1. Fold the graphic back onto the substrate.
  1. Gently hold the graphic away from the surface with one hand using care not to wrinkle or skew the graphic. Allow the adhesive to touch the substrate as pressure is applied during squeegeeing. Squeegee the graphic beginning at the centre of the tape hinge and working outward to the closest edge. Use firm pressure on the applicator and overlap strokes.
  1. Remove the tape and apply the other half of the tape in the same manner.

Centre Hinge Method