EAS Tags

EAS Tags Insertion

10 Jun EAS Tags

In addition to RFID and NFC smart labels, we also supply EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) tags/smart labels. This is a technological method used for preventing shoplifting from retail stores, pilferage of books from libraries or removal of property from office buildings. EAS tags are fixed to merchandise or books and are removed or deactivated by the clerks when the item is purchased or correctly checked out. At the exits of the store or building, a detection system sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts staff when it senses active tags.
These tags can be supplied as standalone items, or inserted under a printed label to create a smart label. Using state of the art machinery allows us to raise the label from the liner and insert the EAS tag underneath. The label is then placed back on the liner equipped with the EAS tag. This provides a seamless professional finish to the end product as the EAS tag is not clearly visible under the printed label.
Benefits of EAS Tags include:

  • Increases merchandising ability
  • Deters theft and can reduce stock losses up to 85%. This in turn increases profitability.
  • Increased staff efficiency as it allows staff to focus on customer service instead of constantly looking out for theft.
  • Creates a more honest environment for shopping as it allows owners to place trust the security technology systems.

EAS Tag Insertion

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