Decals – Single Cut Letters

Decals - Single Cut Letters

09 May Decals – Single Cut Letters

Decals often have to endure the toughest and harshest conditions. From the searing heat, freezing cold, driving rain and anything else their environment throws at them. Our decals are supplied on a material to go above and beyond these conditions, to ensure they stand the test of time.

Decals are most commonly used for product branding and generally need to be very durable when exposed to harsh environments such as UV and outdoor exposure, heat and handling. We can achieve this by incorporating sub-surface printing, protective laminates or varnishes as well as high grade materials suitable for outdoor exposure.

Decals can also take the form of die cut lettering where the profile of the individual letters are cut to size and pre-spaced with a low-tack application tape. Once applied to the client’s product, the application tape is removed leaving just the cut lettering with no background material at all. This helps create a clean finish to the decal – which is often the client’s logo – without unsightly background differences including witness marks of a clear material.

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