Checklist for Specifying Labels

12 Jan Checklist for Specifying Labels

When specifying a label, here’s the questions you need to answer:


1. How many are required?

2. What size should the labels be? If size is only approximate, we may be able to suggest a particularly economical size.

3. How many colours do you need?

4. Should they be self-adhesive?

5. Specify surface onto which labels must adhere?

6. Do you want them on rolls? If so, are they hand or machine applied?

7. Have you any particular material in mind? If so, what material?

8. Will the labels be subjected to any harsh operating conditions such as;

          • heat?

          • moisture?

          • UV light?

          • severe wear and tear?

          • chemical attack?

          • stretching/tearing

9. Do you require System Label to develop the artwork?

11. Do you require fixed information only?

12. Do you need variable information (e.g. sequential numbers or barcodes)?

13. Would you like the liner to be back split?

Once you have this ready, get in touch with us today and we’d be delighted to assist you with any of your requirements. Similarly if you’ve any questions a member of our friendly team would be delighted to assist.
Email: or call the office on: +353 (0)90 6630 900, +44 (0)1438 791750.