Incereb select System Label as their Strategic Supply Partner

Incereb is a medical device company founded in 2012 by a team with over 20 years’ experience in clinical neurophysiology and medical device development. The Company designs and develops disposable physiological monitoring sensors, including Electroencephalography (EEG) and Cerebral Function Monitoring (CFM) for use in The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on term and preterm infants (neonates).

The NEON12 and NEON8 EEG devices are Incerebs’ first products, allowing the application of multiple EEG sensors to the neonate in less than a few minutes.

Traditional methods of neonatal EEG sensor application often takes far longer, is technically very difficult and often involves the use of subdermal needles to save time.

Application of the NEON devices requires minimal training, in non-invasive, has universal connectivity to all brands of monitoring equipment, and is single use.

The foam sensor pad is a unique device that supersedes all other products in the market and has a potential worldwide market for 3.6 million units per annum. System Label’s Design, Quality and Production Team worked alongside Senior Management in Incereb to manufacture the end product. Utilizing flexible print intelligence, System Label’s expertise in screen printing conductive and dielectric inks proved priceless in producing a circuit for monitoring brain activity.

Jim Roche, founder and CEO of Incereb commented “It was crucial to the success of the product that we found a supplier with the technical expertise and knowledge we could trust to bring this project to market. As a young company, it was essential that we had a responsive manufacturing partner who worked with us as we scaled up manufacturing from prototyping to larger volumes”.

Incereb selected System Label as their Strategic Supply Partner due to their expertise and resources in the area of materials, inks and adhesives. The NEON EEG has many layers and required acute attention to detail at all stages in the process. It was imperative to the success of the project that the correct materials and adhesives were selected as the end product needed to be flexible while also being durable. The System Label Team are vigilant in the selection of inks, materials and adhesives used to avoid contamination.

it was essential that we had a responsive manufacturing partner who worked with us...

Early involvement in the design phase allowed System Label to manufacture the intricate product to the highest standards set by the medical industry. The complex fabrication of the foam sensor pad was produced in separate stages and included numerous technical processes from precision die cutting to the printing of conductive and dielectric inks. At final assembly all layers of the product were then combined and individually tested to ensure a 100% functional end product.

Niall O Shea, Managing Director at System Label commented “It was a very exciting project for System Label to add to its portfolio. It further reinforces our knowledge and capabilities in working to meet and exceed the technical requirements of the medical industry. Our ISO 13485 certification is a primary reason for Medical Companies such as Incereb to place their confidence in System Label as their chosen Label Supplier”.

Paying compliements to the strategic alliance between the two companies, Jim Roche, CEO of Incereb stated “The System Label Team is always available to answer any of the questions we have at each stage in the process. Their prompt consideration and attention to detail at every stage is a core foundation for the products high quality and professional finish. From the initial prototype phase through to production we were able to place our trust in System Label and we had complete confidence in their capabilities”.

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