System Label work internationally with AMCS for RFID tags

AMCS were recently awarded a contract in France to bring cutting edge weighing and RFID technology to 60,000 premises in France. AMCS has chosen to partner with System Label for their expertise and knowledge in the area of RFID and labelling solutions. The project combines advanced software and weigh technology on refuse trucks with specialised RFID labelling systems.

AMCS is the leading supplier of smart resource software and vehicle technology solutions for the waste, recycling and resource industry. AMCS offers an end-to-end suite of software and vehicle technology to manage the critical operational and business management process within the Resource Management and Logistics industry. 

After working on a similar successful project in the UK with AMCS, System Label was ideally positioned to partner with AMCS on the project in France.  System Label successfully delivered 35,000 RFID equipped labels to commercial premises all over the UK.

Jimmy Martin, CEO of AMCS commented “We required a complete solutions label supplier with expertise in RFID, label conversion and label printing who could manage the complete project, we didn’t have to look past System Label. The success of the UK project provided a launch pad for success into France”.

The strategic alliance we have developed with System Label has allowed us to complete our offering in order to compete internationally. The partnership has allowed us concentrate on the software and vehicle technology while being confident in the RFID labelling solution supplied by System Label. - Jimmy Martin, CEO of AMCS

60,000 unique printed labels equipped with UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID tags are destined for the French market. Using state of the art machinery System Label is able to raise the label from the liner and insert the RFID tag underneath. The label is then placed back on the liner equipped with the RFID tag. These high grade durable RFID labels will then be placed on the refuse bins at premises all over France. Each RFID label has a unique barcode printed on the face stock that is solely linked to the RFID tag underneath and each individual RFID label will relate to a single address.

During the collection process the reader on the refuse truck will scan the RFID transponder chip on the refuse bin. Using weigh technology, the refuse trucks will also weigh the bin. This information is collated and through the use of the AMCS software is transmitted and efficiently indicates collections, weight and time. The use of RFID technology is expected to offer savings of 25% from reduced recall rates and increased efficiency.

The UHF labels are highly practical and can be used on all size containers as the UHF radio frequency identification tags can be read from a distance 7m away. The label material has been tested by System Label to ensure durability even in the harshest weather conditions. When choosing the material it was imperative that the adhesive had the correct properties to allow it adhere to the low surface energy refuse bins.

Niall O Shea, Managing Director of System Label commented “we were delighted to be approached by AMCS again to take this excellent platform to France. We are uniquely positioned in the market as our RFID insertion machine is one of only a couple in Europe which allows us to convert any label into a SMART label”.

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